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Resurrection!  Sometimes resurrection can seem impossible. We begin to feel like our chance to leave the tomb is blocked by boulders too large to move.  Our burdens, addictions, worries, attitudes can keep us from experiencing the freedom of resurrection.  Sometimes we have a “false” resurrection when we choose to deny we have problems.  But that is false freedom, superficial freedom.


Jesus wants us to be truly free.  He does not want us to be stuck in our pain and suffering.  Notice I say stuck.  There is nothing wrong with suffering – only the clinging to it.


When we truly allow ourselves to be resurrected, when we can leave our tombs and enter into the process in rising from emptiness, we begin to live as Christ.


I belong to a faith sharing group that reflects on the weekly scripture readings.  Every so often we experience a powerful resurrection when someone in the group shares a painful experience.  We listen, we hold the experience in strictest confidence, we cherish it as someone’s life and many of us can resonate with the story.  Jesus shared his story with us in the scriptures.  Painful experiences.  We hold his story as sacred, and many of us can resonate with his pain as well.  The pain of rejection, the physical pain, the mental anguish showed that he was human like the rest of us.


Let’s be honest, all of us have had some hurt or suffering or some painful secret in our lives.  Jesus was able to rise above, not forget, not diminish or deny the experience.


Resurrection does not happen “someday.”  We rise the minute we begin to climb out of whatever hole we are in;  the minute we begin to get over whatever is holding us back;  the minute we begin to rise above whatever is holding us down.  


Suffering does not diminish the glory of our song or our story.  Experience the Easter joy this year by recommitting yourself to the Lord.  We may still feel the pains of the world, the struggles of our family and friends, but knowing Jesus is with us we have reason to sing “Alleluia!”



May God Bless You,


Sr. Regina 




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